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Subsea Energy Australia AGM

9 November 2017

The 2017 Subsea Energy Australia Annual General Meeting was held on 8th September 2017 at the Curtin University facility on St Georges Terrace. Over 50 Subsea Energy Australia members gathered to hear Chairman Marius Martens present his report on our performance over the last year, charting the organisations’ achievements and outlining future ambitions.

Marius informed the attendees that Subsea Energy Australia is now representing 72 members, an increase of over 25% from 56 in 2016. Subsea Energy Australia successfully attracted companies that are seeking a body that champions the country’s subsea supply chain to clients both at home and abroad.

Marius explained that: “our focus on increasing the visibility of the organisation and improving the value to our membership drew a large number of Subsea Energy Australia’s members to the events, showcasing their latest product lines and expertise.” Examples of these two factors in 2016/2017 were:

  • APPEA Conference
  • Chevron’s GS2 breakfast
  • Master Class series
  • Industry Awards
  • Several network events, including the yearly suppliers forum
  • Collaboration with the National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) on a new initiative based on the highly successful cluster approach
  • D&I events, supported by Subsea Energy Australia’s most recent alliance with Pride in Diversity
  • Establishment of WISE – a diversity and inclusion initiative driven by Subsea Energy Australia’s members with the objective of facilitating a positive improvement in the subsea industry”.

Liz Hardwick, Richard Harry, Tom Hodgkins, Arran Ewan and Dana Shields have retired from their board positions. Subsea Energy Australia is extremely grateful for their time, effort and contribution, especially to Arran and Tom, whom have been on the board since its inception.

Newly elected board members are: Todd Barrett (Chevron), Stephen Harris (Pressure Dynamics), Sarolta Pudney (DOF Subsea) and Jayanth Munipalli (Wood Group), joining the returning board members to the 2017/2018 Subsea Energy Australia board.

Subsea Energy Australia’s focus will be on growing our member base so we can continue to perform as a global leader and outperform other industries in Australia. There are some strong areas of opportunity and it is critical that businesses get the information they need to make smart decisions going into these markets. Subsea Energy Australia prides itself on its game-changing approach to innovation and technological developments and this year’s cluster initiative is a true example of this.

Nick Veitch, Subsea Energy Australia’s treasurer, gave a brief financial update and indicated that the focus in 2017 was on increasing member activities and initiatives (e.g. Master Classes), expansion of Subsea Energy Australia’s online presence, nurturing new partnerships that will assist with setting the scene for the next 12 months (WISE, Diversity and Inclusion, Subsea Clusters) and focus on increasing membership.

Moving forward, it is important to stay focussed on increasing revenue through existing and new channels, maintaining close engagement with members to encourage involvement, participation and value-adding collaboration, a careful cash flow management and budgeting, and implementation of more Corporate Governance Framework.

Jill Stajduhar from NERA presented on the cluster initiative. She explained the framework, process and the funding opportunities that are currently available through NERA.

The jointly hosted (Subsea Energy Australia/NERA) cluster muster on 19th September 2017 was the first step into setting up an Australian subsea cluster.

Marius closed the night, highlighting that he is excited for Subsea Energy Australia’s future and vision to continue to work towards creating opportunities for the subsea industry – “watch this space’.