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WISE Survey

9 November 2017

A little bit of context

As we learnt from Dr Linley Lord, gender equality in the workforce is a pipedream before 2050 at the current rate of change.

Gender equity in the Western Australian oil and gas industry will not be achieved until 2038.

Over the past 20 years, the proportion of Australian women with a bachelor’s degree has more than doubled. In the same period, the gender pay gap has not budged.

There are a number of problems…

There is limited specific data on women’s participation in the oil and gas sector and the available national data is out-dated for a rapidly changing industry sector.

There is also a lack of clarity regarding why some companies achieve greater success in attracting and retaining women.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Subsea Energy Australia and the Women In Subsea Engineering (WISE) are initiating a study to quantify this gap for the Subsea oil and gas industry.

The research aims to establish a baseline data set for women’s participation in non-traditional (STEM) professions within the subsea industry in Western Australia.

The baseline will allow us to measure the success of strategies and change initiatives aimed at increasing women’s participation and gender equity in the industry.

You can join us

Every $50 or $100 will count to us being able to get this survey done!