SEA News

WISE (Women in Subsea)

9 November 2017

Last week, the WISE initiative to undertake a study to establish base line data for women’s participation in the subsea oil & gas industry in WA was officially announced at an industry gathering attended by 65 interested professionals.

The call is out! WISE is seeking your support in a number of ways

  1. Volunteers to participate in focus groups
  2. Commitment from companies to participate in the survey – Curtin University will require companies to fill out a survey regarding on gender representation. Companies with no females employed in STEM professions may also participate.
  3. Funding to carry out the survey – Sponsorships from companies will receive public acknowledgement in all related publications, online platforms and public presentations (2018 AOG). Contributions from individuals are also highly encouraged – every $50 counts towards launching the survey.