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Get Wiser lunches are back!

2 October 2020

The first Get Wiser since COVID-19 hit was a great success, presented by Ali Local, this presentation covered emotional intelligence. Key topics of discussion included the four areas that make up emotional intelligence and how you can improve your emotional intelligence to ensure you remain competitive in the job market. As well as the many varied ways in which emotional intelligence can be measured by.


With emotional intelligence being recognised by the World Economic Forum in the Future of Jobs Report as a valuable skill that has seen an outsized increase in demand relative to its current prominence. Ali went on to explain the role that emotional intelligence plays as an indicator of leadership capability. The session also challenged attendees’ perceptions as they were asked to identify how many universal basic emotions we can identify, with only one person in the room guessing correctly at eight. Ali also talked through the importance of skilful versus unskilful perception of other people’s emotions, prompting attendees to critically analyse how they would respond in certain situations.


Filled with thought provoking discussion, interactive quizzes, and plenty of tools added to the emotional toolkit, the first Get Wiser event of the financial year was a great success. Ali broke down emotional intelligence and its importance for both teams and individuals, and the WISE committee pulled together a successful morning. The next Get Wiser lunch will take place on Wednesday October 28th with guest speaker Lana Dzananovic for a technical session.