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AOG Energy 2021

1 April 2021

AOG Energy 2021 held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 10-12 March looked different this year as it consisted of mostly West Australian delegations. We here in Perth were incredibly lucky to be able to take part in the AOG Energy conference this year, despite the effects of COVID-19. The conference layout had to be altered to accommodate for the health and safety restrictions, and of course those placed on travel however, all attendees agreed the conference was a great success.

Subsea Energy Australia hosted the Australian Subsea Pavilion with 13 member companies exhibiting alongside us, the pavilion was full of activity and discussions of collaboration. The pavilion provided the opportunity for innovators, collaborators, operators and tech pioneers to create networks for growth and discovery as we continue to navigate uncertain times for export. Exhibiting Subsea Energy Australia members included Ai Spanner, Deep Supplies, Discovery Data, Euclideon Unlimited 3D, IAS Group, IHC IQIP Australia, IKM Testing Australia Pty Ltd, Intecsea, Perth Simulation, Pressure Dynamics, PSM Upstream Solutions, Intervention Engineering, and TEK-Ocean, all of whom benefitted from the prime location of the Australian Subsea Pavilion and branding. Members Deep Supplies even stated that they loved the lay of the pavilion, and how open they were to everyone who walked past. The signage on the pavilion providing the perfect advertising over the duration of the conference. All feedback provided from AOG Energy 2021 will directly go towards improving the 2022 event.

It was a pleasure exhibiting with our members as always, and look forward to repeating the experience in 2022.