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Member Spotlight: Hydrobiology

7 September 2021

In 2018 James Keating was announced as a finalist in the Australian Subsea Business Awards New Enterprise category. This year he walked onto the stage to accept The Australian Subsea Exporter of the Year Award on behalf of his workplace Hydrobiology. The 2021 award having great significance given the difficulties our industry has faced considering the effects of COVID-19.

The award was presented to Hydrobiology for their continued work expanding into international markets whilst simultaneously establishing remotely managed survey work, to service existing contracts, along with their continued sustained local employment via R&D programs. James gave a short yet heart-warming speech, highlighting how his small team interacts with members all around the globe via zoom, has had to adjust to team members working from home, and the new challenges of limited travel and supplies during these times. Nevertheless, James and the team at Hydrobiology have excelled in 2021, continuing to advance into various international markets.

Hydrobiology itself is an environmental consulting company offering integrated services in the physical, biological and chemical processes with an emphasis on marine and freshwater environments. Incorporated in 2001 by Andy Markham and Ross Smith who met while on survey in Papua New Guinea in 1991. Since then, their global footprint has grown with offices in Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Brazil and Guyana, with further expansions on the horizon. They are particularly proud to be supporting an international client with strategic environmental approvals advice for an offshore wind farm development right here in Western Australia.

James and the Hydrobiology team bring with them a wealth of experience to the oil & gas and renewables industries, enabling them to be so successful in the Subsea Exporting space.

As for the 2021 Australian Subsea Business Awards it was particularly encouraging for all in attendance to see a past finalist take to the stage just a few short years later, taking home one of the most coveted awards of 2021. The Australian Subsea Exporter Award was introduced in 2020 as part of the Australian Subsea Export Hub, an initiative of the Australian Government.