WAVE – We All Value Equality

WAVE (We All Value Equality) is Subsea Energy Australia’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion learning based platform which provides support to our Members, and in turn, their families, friends, and communities. WAVE’s objective is to pave the way to a future where we see the inclusion of all people, celebrating their differences, within Australia’ subsea industry.

Our Pillars of Diversity for 2021 are:

  • Ethnicity in the Workplace
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace

These pillars will be the focus for 2021 and are underpinned by information on pathways through Apprenticeships and Traineeships as well as the importance of mental safety in the workplace.

WAVE will shortly release our calendar of four educational events and two social events for 2021.

We are also excited to announce we are developing a new platform that will incorporate learning sessions, tools and resources around D, E & I that can be accessed by Members 24/7! 

Please follow WAVE’s LinkedIn page to keep up with all of our events and programs, and welcome the 2021 WAVE committee below:

The WAVE Committee recognises the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of the many traditional lands and language groups of Australia. We celebrate the wisdom owned by the Elders of yesterday and today and are excited to support the Elders of tomorrow. We respect their continued connection to land, sea and community.


Sonya Liddle

For over 15 years Sonya has operated and managed Indigenous businesses, providing services within the employment, training, community health, council governance and resource sectors.

Driven by a strong desire to see equality and inclusion not only discussed, but tangibly enacted, Sonya works with people and organisations to build the pathways and develop the capabilities needed to make ongoing change possible. Over the course of her career, Sonya has designed and implemented numerous Indigenous Recruitment and Employment Strategies including mentoring and workforce development. She has also successfully facilitated the recruitment and placement of over 150 Aboriginal candidates across maritime, resource and professional roles. By designing and implementing multiple award-winning grassroots and community programs Sonya has helped deliver sustainable employment outcomes for a range of diverse candidates, thereby paving the way for generational change.

Nikky Barney-Irvine

Nikky Barney-Irvine a proud Woppaburra woman from Keppel Island Queensland with strong ties to Butchulla and the Community in the Kimberley.

Spending most of her working life in corporate businesses and finding it difficult to give back to community drove Nikky to review how to support and inspire her people. She has extensive experience in procurement and project management, strategic planning, construction and manufacturing along with knowledge of Government Legislation & Regulations.

She has controlled Projects, Procurement and Contracts at a high level and managed the selection of procurement and strategies in awarding contracts. She currently sits on the board of Subsea Energy Australia a not-for-profit industry association. Which acts for the entire supply chain bringing together operators, contractors, suppliers, and people in the industry.


Jeremy Wray

Jeremy is a Senior Account Manager with the Energy Technology Company, Baker Hughes. Jeremy received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and has been working in the Resource Industry for over 15 years.

Jeremy works with Baker Hughes’ Customers to plan, execute, and operate some of the largest and most complex Projects in the Asia Pacific region. His role crosses technical, commercial, business development, and project management disciplines. Earlier in his career, he spent 7 years working as a Field Engineer on offshore rigs in Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Gulf of Mexico.

He leads the Inclusion & Diversity Council of Baker Hughes Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea, supporting six Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s), and leads their Pride@work group across Asia Pacific. He has held senior roles in Non-Profit organisations such as Pride WA where he served as President. He has an interest in almost anything technical, is an avid photographer, world traveller and always ready for new adventures.

Stephen Hunter

Stephen has four decades experience working across sectors such as in mineral extraction, an educator, the corporate sector, created policy and programs in government agencies and partnered with not-for-profit organisations. His roles have been varied from creating innovative projects, managing stakeholders, engaging community and facilitating corporate relations.

The most rewarding role was as lead negotiator in native title determinations for his mob, the Warrwa Traditional Owners in the Kimberley in Derby and east to the King Leopold Ranges. Achieving this milestone has been a long arduous journey that began some 20 years ago. Native Title Determination is a great equalizer.

His career has been linked extensively to Aboriginal communities the breath of Australia. “Seeing individuals and whole communities benefit from simple activities to very complex negotiations is a powerful experience. I get great joy out of seeing those lightbulb moments and there have been many”.


Min Hamid

Min Hamid opens the line of communications between parties to achieve a collaborative outcome. Focusing on human-centred design, Min has collaborated across the supply chain creating mutual benefits for all involved.

With 10 years of experience in the energy industry, his key skills include intrinsically safe engineering designs, project management, and strategic collaborations. Min holds an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA with distinction. He was also awarded the Humanitarian Engineer in 2019 by Engineer Without Borders for his contributions in Indigenous engagement.